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Title: The Soul in Paraphrase, Author: Robert Boswell
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1979: Special Poetry Issue, Author: Ellen Bryant Voigt
Title: Ploughshares Winter 2009-10, Author: Tony Hoagland
Title: Ploughshares Winter 2018-2019, Author: Ladette Randolph
Title: Ploughshares Winter 1987: Poetry Issue, Author: Bill Knott
Title: Ploughshares Winter 2011-2012 Guest-Edited by Alice Hoffman, Author: Alice Hoffman
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1975, Author: Frank Bidart
Title: Positive Comments, Author: Owen King
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1996 Guest-Edited by Marilyn Hacker, Author: Marilyn Hacker
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2005: Stories and poems edited by Martin Espada, Author: Martin Espada
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2010, Author: Jim Shepard
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2005 Guest-Edited by Martin Espada, Author: Martin Espada
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1980 Guest-Edited by Jay Neugeboren, Author: Jay Neugeboren
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1991 Guest-Edited by M. L. Rosenthal, Author: M. L. Rosenthal
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1980 Guest-Edited by Seamus Heaney, Author: Seamus Heaney
Title: Ploughshares Solos Omnibus Volume 5, Author: Ladette Randolph
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2009: Nonfiction issue edited by Kathryn Harrison, Author: Ploughshares
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Title: Face the Music: My Improbable Trip to Saturn (or Close Enough) with Sun Ra, Author: Michael Lowenthal
Title: Plougshares Fall 1991: Twentieth Anniversary Issue edited by Dewitt Henry and Joyce Peseroff, Author: DeWitt Henry
Title: Daydream Nation (Ploughshares Solos), Author: John Duncan Talbird

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