Title: Ploughshares Fall 2008, Author: James Alan McPherson
Title: Positive Comments, Author: Owen King
Title: Notes on the Pekingese, Author: Takbum Gyel
Title: The History of China, Author: Carolyn Ferrell
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1999 Guest-Edited by Charles Baxter, Author: Charles Baxter
Title: Ploughshares Winter 2020-2021, Author: Ladette Randolph
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2020, Author: Ladette Randolph
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1997 Guest-Edited by Mary Gordon, Author: Mary Gordon
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1994 Guest-Edited by James Welch, Author: James Welch
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1975 Guest-Edited by Frank Bidart with Robert Pinsky and Lloyd Schwartz, Author: Frank Bidart
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1971 Guest-Edited by DeWitt Henry, Author: Dewitt Henry
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1990: Confronting Racial Difference, Author: James Alan McPherson
Title: Ploughshares Summer 1981 Guest-Edited by Alan Williamson, Author: Alan Williamson
Title: Footing Slow: A Walk with Keats, Author: Eli Payne Mandel
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2013 Guest-Edited by Major Jackson, Author: Major Jackson
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2014 Guest-Edited by Jean Thompson, Author: Jean Thompson
Title: Ploughshares Solos Omnibus Volume 5, Author: Ladette Randolph
Title: So Much Straw, Author: Tracy Daugherty
Title: The Detroit Frankfurt School Discussion Group, Author: Douglas Trevor
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1981 Guest-Edited by James Randall, Author: James Randall

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