Title: Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture: Volume 2: Clinical Indications, Author: Piero Ettore Quirico
Title: A Superb Baroque: Art in Genoa, 1600-1750, Author: Jonathan Bober
Title: Methoden der digitalen Bildsignalverarbeitung, Author: Piero Zamperoni
Title: 2nd Karl Schwarzschild Meeting on Gravitational Physics, Author: Piero Nicolini
Title: Uncertainty in Risk Assessment: The Representation and Treatment of Uncertainties by Probabilistic and Non-Probabilistic Methods / Edition 1, Author: Terje Aven
Title: Cap-Analysis Gene Expression (CAGE): The Science of Decoding Gene Transcription / Edition 1, Author: Piero Carninci
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Title: Crowdfunding: innovazione, tecnologia e aspetti manageriali, Author: Piero Rosano
Title: Civil Disobedience: A Philosophical Overview, Author: Piero Moraro
Title: Modeling the Interplay Between Human Behavior and the Spread of Infectious Diseases / Edition 1, Author: Piero Manfredi
Title: Basics Of Reliability And Risk Analysis: Worked Out Problems And Solutions, Author: Piero Baraldi
Title: Piero Gilardi, Author: Piero Gilardi
Title: Systems Thinking: Intelligence in Action, Author: Piero Mella
Title: Representation and Management of Narrative Information: Theoretical Principles and Implementation / Edition 1, Author: Gian Piero Zarri
Title: Chaucer and the Imaginary World of Fame, Author: Piero Boitani
Title: A Variational Approach to Fracture and Other Inelastic Phenomena, Author: Gianpietro Del Piero
Title: Piero della Francesca, Author: Piero della Francesca
Title: Financial Fragility and Investment in the Capitalist Economy: The Economic Legacy of Hyman Minsky, Author: Riccardo Bellofiore
Title: The Combinatory Systems Theory: Understanding, Modeling and Simulating Collective Phenomena, Author: Piero Mella
Title: The Organization of Political Parties in Southern Europe, Author: Piero Ignazi
Title: Sensors and Microsystems: AISEM 2009 Proceedings / Edition 1, Author: Piero Malcovati

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