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Title: The Postmodern Challenge, Author: Peter Scott
Title: Odd Electron Species:The Chemistry of Free Radicals, Author: Peter Scott
Title: Atlantic Gardening, Author: Peter Scott
Title: Programming for Beginners: The Structured Way, Author: Douglas Bell
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Title: EVOL: A Twisted Romance Anthology, Author: Angela Nolan
Title: En El Mar (Under the Sea), Author: Alastair Smith
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Title: Los Dinosaurios Con Cuatro Puzzles Sencillos, Author: Peter Scott
Title: Monsters 'N' Things, Author: Peter Scott
Title: Soli The Seapony, Author: Peter Scott
Title: Barter Island, Author: Peter Scott
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Title: In Deer Isle, Maine: The 16th Maine Volunteer Regiment at war and at home., Author: Peter Scott
Title: Clarissa the Clown, Author: Andrew Segal
Title: Fishwatcher's Guide to West Atlantic Coral Reefs, Author: Charles C. G. Chaplin
Title: A Moment Like This: A story of love between parent and child, Author: Ronne Randall
Title: Rings Of Paris: SoftWaters European Series, No. 2, Author: John Abeln
Title: Animalia: As In Biology's Roster of Elements, Author: William Peter Scott