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Title: People Will Say We're in Love, Artist: Nicki Parrott
Title: Zurich Concerts, Artist: London Jazz Composers' Orchestra
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Title: Musical Monsters, Artist: Pierre Favre
Title: Irene Schweizer & Han Bennink, Artist: Han Bennink
Title: Irene Schweizer & Günter Sommer, Artist: Günter Sommer
Title: Irène Schweizer & Pierre Favre, Artist: Pierre Favre
Title: Irène Schweizer & Andrew Cyrille, Artist: Andrew Cyrille
Title: Theoria, Artist: London Jazz Composers' Orchestra
Title: Double Trouble Two, Artist: London Jazz Composers' Orchestra
Title: Chicago Piano Solo, Artist: Irène Schweizer
Title: Double Trouble, Artist: London Jazz Composers' Orchestra
Title: Songs, Artist: Eugene Chadbourne
Title: Piano Solo, Vol. 2, Artist: Irène Schweizer
Title: Plie, Artist: Conrad Bauer
Title: The Storming of the Winter Palace, Artist: Irène Schweizer
Title: Sahara Dust, Artist: Lindsay Cooper
Title: Piano Solo, Vol. 1, Artist: Irène Schweizer
Title: End to Slavery, Artist: Eugene Chadbourne
Title: Live in Baden, Switzerland, Artist: Oliver Jones
Title: Hummelsummen, Artist: Conrad Bauer

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