Title: The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Title: The Dream Team
Title: Red Heat
Director: Walter Hill
Title: Young Frankenstein
Title: Outland
Director: Peter Hyams
Title: Born to Be Wild
Director: John Gray
Title: In God We Trust
Title: The Brink's Job
Title: Taxi Driver
Title: Yellowbeard
Title: Joe
Title: Swashbuckler
Director: James Goldstone
Title: F.I.S.T.
Director: Norman Jewison
Title: Slither
Director: Howard Zieff
Title: Walker
Director: Alex Cox
Title: Steelyard Blues
Director: Alan Myerson
Title: Alcohol: Science, Policy and Public Health, Author: Peter Boyle
Title: Apocrypha: Texts Collected and Translated by William O'Shaunessy, Author: Peter Boyle
Title: Where the Buffalo Roam
Title: Ghostspeaking, Author: Peter Boyle

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