Title: Mr. Wong - Complete Collection vol. 1 1934-35, Author: Hugh Wiley
Title: Dangerous Men and Resolute Women - 6 Western Pulp Tales!, Author: Alan LeMay
Title: The Nester And The Piute, Author: Louis L'Amour
Title: The Pickpocket, Author: Mickey Spillane
Title: What's Wrong With The Giants?, Author: Groucho Marx
Title: Long Night, Author: Elmore Leonard
Title: Mr. Wong - Complete Collection vol. 2 1935-36, Author: Hugh Wiley
Title: Night Shade - The New Racket, Author: Dashiell Hammett
Title: Murder Comes In Threes - 3 Tales of Gruesome Homicide, Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
Title: Watson Was A Woman, Author: Rex Stout
Title: The Deadly Fates - The Weird West Tales of Deputy Marshal Lee Winters vol 6, Author: Lon Williams
Title: Secret Of Silver Springs, Author: Louis L'Amour
Title: A Texan Rides the Trouble Trail, Author: Johnston McCulley
Title: Blind Mayhem - 7 Thrilling Nick Ransom Novelets, Author: Robert Leslie Bellem
Title: Mr. Wong - Complete Collection vol. 4 1940-55, Author: Hugh Wiley
Title: Mr. Wong - Complete Collection vol. 3 1936-40, Author: Hugh Wiley
Title: Final Mission [Illustrated], Author: John D MacDonald
Title: Ghost Town Demons - 4 Western Pulp Short Stories [Illustrated], Author: Raymond S. Spears
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Title: The Nudist Gym Death Riddle, Author: Jack Gray
Title: In The Morgue, Author: Dashiell Hammett

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