Title: Landlords and Tenants in Britain, 1440-1660: Tawney's Agrarian Problem Revisited, Author: Jane Whittle
Title: Child Workers and Industrial Health in Britain, 1780-1850, Author: Peter Kirby
Title: Publishing Business in Eighteenth-Century England, Author: James Raven
Title: The First Century of Welfare: Poverty and Poor Relief in Lancashire, 1620-1730, Author: Jonathan Healey
Title: Population, Welfare and Economic Change in Britain, 1290-1834, Author: Chris Briggs
Title: Crises in Economic and Social History: A Comparative Perspective, Author: A.T. Brown
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Title: Slavery Hinterland: Transatlantic Slavery and Continental Europe, 1680-1850, Author: Felix Brahm
Title: Almshouses in Early Modern England: Charitable Housing in the Mixed Economy of Welfare, 1550-1725, Author: Angela Nicholls
Title: People, Places and Business Cultures: Essays in Honour of Francesca Carnevali, Author: Paolo Di Martino
Title: Cameralism in Practice: State Administration and Economy in Early Modern Europe, Author: Marten Seppel
Title: Servants in Rural Europe: 1400-1900, Author: Jane Whittle
Title: The Age of Machinery: Engineering the Industrial Revolution, 1770-1850, Author: Gillian Cookson
Title: Shoplifting in Eighteenth-Century England, Author: Shelley Tickell
Title: Money and Markets: Essays in Honour of Martin Daunton, Author: Julian Hoppit
Title: Women and the Land, 1500-1900, Author: Amanda Capern
Title: Globalized Peripheries: Central Europe and the Atlantic World, 1680-1860, Author: Jutta Wimmler
Title: Financing Cotton: British Industrial Growth and Decline, 1780-2000, Author: Steven Toms
Title: Quakers in the British Atlantic World, c.1660-1800, Author: Esther Sahle