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Title: One Hundred Years of James Joyce's
Title: Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey, Author: David Cayley
Title: Among the Host of Heaven: The Syro-Palestinian Pantheon as Bureaucracy, Author: Lowell K. Handy
Title: Introduction to Reading the Pentateuch, Author: Jean-Louis Ska
Title: Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century, Author: Richard Kieckhefer
Title: Emilie Davis's Civil War: The Diaries of a Free Black Woman in Philadelphia, 1863-1865, Author: Judith Giesberg
Title: Three Years in the
Title: Deportable and Disposable: Public Rhetoric and the Making of the
Title: A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras: Selections from the Maharatnakuta Sutra, Author: Garma C.C. Chang
Title: Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic: Revised and Expanded Edition, Author: Bill Russell
Title: Wrestling with the Violence of God: Soundings in the Old Testament, Author: M. Daniel Carroll R.
Title: House Most High: The Temples of Ancient Mesopotamia, Author: Andrew R. George
Title: Henri Matisse: Modernist Against the Grain, Author: Catherine Bock-Weiss
Title: A Vivifying Spirit: Quaker Practice and Reform in Antebellum America, Author: Janet Moore Lindman
Title: Money and Politics, Author: Paula Baker
Title: Contesting Conquest: Indigenous Perspectives on the Spanish Occupation of Nueva Galicia, 1524-1545, Author: Ida Altman
Title: Cuneiform Texts from the Folios of W. G. Lambert, Part Two, Author: A. R. George
Title: Cuneiform Texts from the Folios of W. G. Lambert, Part One, Author: A. R. George
Title: An Introduction to Akkadian Literature: Contexts and Content, Author: Alan Lenzi
Title: Powwowing Among the Pennsylvania Dutch: A Traditional Medical Practice in the Modern World, Author: David W. Kriebel

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