Title: Special Duties Pilot: The Man who Flew the Real 'Inglorious Bastards' Behind Enemy Lines, Author: John M Billings
Title: Spitfire Pilot: A Personal Account of the Battle of Britain, Author: David Crook
Title: Notes of a Russian Sniper: Vassili Zaitsev and the Battle of Stalingrad, Author: Vassili Zaitsev
Title: Bradley Fighting Vehicle: The US Army's Combat-Proven Fighting Platform, 1981-2021, Author: David Grummitt
Title: Hetzer - Jagdpanzer 38 Tank Destroyer: German Army and Waffen-SS Western Front, 1944-1945, Author: Dennis Oliver
Title: Pictorial History of the US 3rd Armored Division in World War Two, Author: Darren Neely
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Title: The Liberation of the Philippines, Author: Jon Diamond
Title: The True Story of the Great Escape: Stalag Luft III, March 1944, Author: Jonathan F Vance
Title: The Dark Side of Alice in Wonderland, Author: Angela Youngman
Title: Hitler's Fortresses in the East: The Sieges of Ternopol', Kovel', Poznan and Breslau, 1944-1945, Author: Alexey Isaev
Title: Marcus Agrippa: Right-hand man of Caesar Augustus, Author: Lindsay Powell
Title: Sniper on the Eastern Front: The Memoirs of Sepp Allerberger, Knight's Cross, Author: Albrecht Wacker
Title: The Art of Sword Combat: A 1568 German Treatise on Swordmanship, Author: Joachim Meyer
Title: German Assault Guns and Tank Destroyers 1940 - 1945, Author: Anthony Tucker-Jones
Title: The Last Governor: Chris Patten and the Handover of Hong Kong, Author: Jonathan Dimbleby
Title: Special Reconnaissance and Advanced Small Unit Patrolling: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Special Operations Forces, Author: Edward Wolcoff
Title: Serial Killers: The World's Most Evil, Author: Nigel Blundell
Title: When the Tempest Gathers: From Mogadishu to the Fight Against ISIS, a Marine Special Operations Commander at War, Author: Andrew Milburn
Title: Survivors of Stalingrad: Eyewitness Accounts from the 6th Army, 1942-1943, Author: Reinhold Busch
Title: The Seventh Handmaiden, Author: Judith Pransky

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