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Title: An Essay On What They Call Us, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: Draugar The Girl with the Golden Buddha, Author: The Seventh Scribe
Title: An Essay On The Seven Year Hitch, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: Selected Poetry and Prose, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: An Essay On Niggers and Squirrels, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: The Secret Life of Fungi, Author: Aliya Whiteley
Title: On the Trail of the Jackalope: How a Legend Captured the World's Imagination and Helped Us Cure Cancer, Author: Michael P. Branch
Title: Screens, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: Footsteps Of The Gods, Author: Nathan Burke
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Title: Willie - The Man, the Myth and the Era, Conspiracy and The Sting, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: How To Eat An Elephant, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Willie - The Man, the Myth and the Era, Texas Roots/California Dreams, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: Shadow In The Sky, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: The Case of the Bent Spoke: A Poplar Cove Myster, Author: Patricia Canterbury
Title: Synchronicity, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: The Geaha Incident, Author: Patricia Canterbury
Title: The Last Man to Hit .400, Author: Stanley W Beesley
Title: The Family Business, Author: Michael Ponzi
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Title: The Silk Noose, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Deadbeat Dad, Author: JP Bloch

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