Title: Patton
Title: Bait
Title: Exodus
Title: Marlowe
Title: Naked City: Season 2
Title: The Mask
Title: Ironside: Season 4
Title: Corky
Title: Melinda
Title: Nona [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Nona Hendryx
Title: Get Christie Love!
Title: Hercules and the Princess of Troy
Title: Ketevan, Artist: Katie Melua
Title: Did You Spank Your Wife Last Night?, Author: Paul Stevens
Title: Bird from Mars, Artist: Two Voices
Title: Job: Wrestling with God, Author: R. Paul Stevens
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Title: Oh No! Don't Tell Me I've Got Rats!, Author: Paul Stevens
Title: The Making of a Justice: Reflections on My First 94 Years, Author: John Paul Stevens
Title: Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, Author: John Paul Stevens
Title: The College Sports Rip Off, Author: Paul Stevens
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