Title: Love Is a Choice: The Definitive Book on Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships, Author: Robert Hemfelt
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Title: Love is a Choice Workbook, Author: Robert Hemfelt
Title: You Might Be a Narcissist If..., Author: Paul Meier M.D.
Title: You Might Be a Narcissist If How to Identify Narcissism in Ourselves and Others and What We Can Do About It, Author: Lisa Charlebois
Title: The Third Millenium, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Autism Success: Helping Those On the Autism Spectrum Live Successful Lives, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Crazymakers, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Don't Lose Heart!: A Widow's Guide to Growing Stronger, Author: Mary Beth Woll MA LMHC
Title: Don't Let Jerks Get The Best Of You: Advice for Dealing with Difficult People, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Experiencing God Outside the Box: Growing More Intimate with the REAL GOD, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Happiness Is a Choice: New Ways to Enhance Joy and Meaning in Your Life, Author: Frank Minirth
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Title: Secret Code, Author: Paul Meier
Title: The Changing Energy Mix: A Systematic Comparison of Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Love Hunger, Author: Frank Minirth
Title: Love Hunger Weight-Loss Workbook, Author: Frank Minirth
Title: Everyday Prayers and Proverbs, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Windows of the Soul: A Look at Dreams and Their Meanings, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain: Uncover the Hidden Potential in Life's Most Common Struggles, Author: Paul Meier
Title: Chakras: An Authoritative Edition uf the Groundbreaking Classic: An Audio Masterpiece of the Authoritative Volume (4 CD Pack), Author: C. W. Leadbeater
Title: Be Strong and Surrender: A 30 Day Recovery Guide, Author: Paul Meier MD

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