Title: Living with Disfigurement in Early Medieval Europe, Author: Patricia Skinner
Title: Beyond Good Company: Next Generation Corporate Citizenship, Author: B. Googins
Title: Foreign Policy Analysis: A Comparative Introduction, Author: M. Breuning
Paperback $48.49 $49.99 Current price is $48.49, Original price is $49.99.
Title: PreMBA Analytical Primer: Essential Quantitative Concepts for Business Math, Author: Regina Trevino
Title: The Black Campus Movement: Black Students and the Racial Reconstitution of Higher Education, 1965-1972, Author: Ibram X. Kendi
Title: The CEO's Secret Weapon: How Great Leaders and Their Assistants Maximize Productivity and Effectiveness, Author: Jan Jones
Title: Building a Successful Family Business Board: A Guide for Leaders, Directors, and Families, Author: Jennifer M. Pendergast
Title: Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value: The False Coin of Our Own Dreams / Edition 1, Author: D. Graeber
Title: Historical Narratives in the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia: Destroying the Settled Past, Creating an Uncertain Future, Author: T. Sherlock
Title: Brazil: The Once and Future Country, Author: Marshall C Eakin
Title: From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics and Racism in Germany, Author: R. Weikart
Title: Creating an American Identity: New England, 1789-1825, Author: S. Kermes
Title: Of Cigarettes, High Heels, and Other Interesting Things: An Introduction to Semiotics, Author: Marcel Danesi
Title: Medievalism and Orientalism, Author: J. Ganim
Title: Revelation in Aztlán: Scriptures, Utopias, and the Chicano Movement, Author: Jacqueline M. Hidalgo
Title: African American Gothic: Screams from Shadowed Places, Author: M. Wester
Title: Speaking History: Oral Histories of the American Past, 1865-Present, Author: S. Armitage
Paperback from $20.65 $29.99 Current price is $20.65, Original price is $29.99.
Title: African Gender Studies: A Reader / Edition 1, Author: Oyeronke Oyewumi
Title: Gurdjieff and Hypnosis: A Hermeneutic Study, Author: Mohammad Tamdgidi
Title: The Art of the Pitch: Persuasion and Presentation Skills that Win Business, Author: Peter Coughter

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