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Title: The One That Got Away, Author: Clint Hofer
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Title: Gust, Gust, Gust!, Author: Ray Jaramillo
Title: A Christmas Tale, Author: Don Halstead
Title: Strike Dragon: The Last of the Light, Author: Robert Ashby
Title: Living Your Happily Ever After, Author: Dr. Robert W. Bosworth Jr.
Title: On Love, Author: Zishan Evans
Title: It's One Whale of a Tale, Author: Rie LaMarr
Title: Six Part Harmony - Riff (The Untold Story), Author: Dale
Title: A Lonely Peacock Pete, Author: Rita O'Brien
Title: A Shooter's Moon, Author: D.J. Power
Title: Soltera: When Your Coming of Age Story Begins in Your Fifties, Author: Maite Merino
Title: Ben the Border Collie, Author: Don Halstead
Title: Bad Poetry: Tumbleweed, Author: Alejo A Rodriguez
Title: With Worn-Out Tools: Navigating the Rituals of Midlife, Author: D.C. Lyons
Title: A Way Up: Economic Development Post Incarceration, Author: Patrick M. Young
Title: A Sentence Diagramming Primer: The Reed and Kellogg System Step-By-Step, Author: Dr. Judith Coats
Title: Notes and Quotes: Biblical Topics, Author: T.H. Wilson Sr.
Title: Taikatu, Author: Kimberly Jensen
Title: A Sprinkling of Stardust over the Outhouse: Musings, Memories, Madness and Pillow Talk!, Author: Paul E. Brogan
Title: The Hunter's Daughter, Author: Sheri Wilson

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