Title: Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn: Develop machine learning and deep learning models with Python, Author: Sebastian Raschka
Title: Mastering QuickBooks® 2022 - Third Edition: The bestselling guide to bookkeeping and the QuickBooks Online accounting software, Author: Crystalynn Shelton
Title: Incident Response Techniques for Ransomware Attacks: Understand modern ransomware attacks and build an incident response strategy to work through them, Author: Oleg Skulkin
Title: Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Handbook: A complete handbook on Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 - from design considerations to operational best practices, Author: David Steadman
Title: Learn Microsoft Azure: Build, manage, and scale cloud applications using the Azure ecosystem, Author: Mohamed Wali
Title: Learn Clip Studio Paint - Third Edition: A beginner's guide to creating compelling comics and manga art, Author: Inko Ai Takita
Title: ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) Certification Guide: An exam guide for the most recent and rigorous risk and audit certification for professionals, Author: Shobhit Mehta Pre-Order Now
Title: Mailchimp Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Best practices of the all-in-one marketing automation platform, Author: Margarita J. Caraballo Pre-Order Now
Title: Design Made Easy with Inkscape: A practical guide from Beginner to Pro for quick and easy vector illustration, Author: Christopher Rogers Pre-Order Now
Title: Modern Distributed Tracing in .NET: A practical guide to observability and performance analysis for microservices, Author: Liudmila Molkova Pre-Order Now
Title: FinOps Handbook for Microsoft Azure: Collaborative tactics for doing more and paying less for your cloud workloads, Author: Maulik Soni Pre-Order Now
Title: Learn Azure Synapse Data Explorer: A guide to building real-time analytics solutions to unlock log and telemetry data, Author: Pericles (Peri) Rocha Pre-Order Now
Title: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint In-Depth: Achieve mastery in implementation and take any organization's endpoint security to the next level, Author: Joe Anich Pre-Order Now
Title: Building Modern CLI Applications in Go: Build next-level CLIs that improve user experience, increase platform usage, and maximize production, Author: Marian Montagnino Pre-Order Now
Title: Architectural Visualization with Unreal Engine 5: Leverage the power of immersive ArchViz creation using one of the most advanced 3D creation tool, Author: Brian Bradley Pre-Order Now
Title: Enhancing Virtual Reality Experiences with Unity 2022: Using Unity's latest features to level up your skills for VR games, apps, and other projects, Author: Steven Christian Pre-Order Now
Title: Mastering UI Development with Unity - Second Edition: An in-depth guide to developing engaging and technically proficient user interfaces with Unity 2020, Author: Ashley Godbold Pre-Order Now
Title: The Kaggle Workbook: Self-learning exercises and valuable insights for Kaggle data science competitions, Author: Konrad Banachewicz Pre-Order Now
Title: The Music Producer's Creative Guide to Ableton Live 11: Level up your music recording, arranging, editing, mixing skills and workflow techniques, Author: Anna Lakatos Pre-Order Now
Title: Video Editing Made Easy with DaVinci Resolve 18: Create quick video content for your Business, the Web, or Social Media in DaVinci Resolve 18, Author: Lance Phillips Pre-Order Now

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