Title: DevOps Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes: Practical recipes to make the most of DevOps with powerful tools, Author: Thomas Uphill
Title: Python: Data Analytics and Visualization: Understand, evaluate, and visualize data, Author: Phuong Vo.T.H
Title: Hadoop: Data Processing and Modelling, Author: Tanmay Deshpande
Title: Developing Java Applications with Spring and Spring Boot, Author: Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira
Title: Linux Powerful Server Administration: Powerful Server Administration: Powerful Server Administration: Recipes for CentOS 7, RHEL 7, and Ubuntu Server Administration, Author: Uday Sawant
Title: Learning Python: Learn to code like a professional with Python - an open source, versatile, and powerful programming language, Author: Fabrizio Romano
Title: R Unleash Machine Learning Techniques: Smarter data analytics, Author: Raghav Bali
Title: Wireshark Revealed: Essential Skills for IT Professionals, Author: James H Baxter
Title: Python: Advanced Predictive Analytics: Gain practical insights by exploiting data in your business to build advanced predictive modeling applications, Author: Ashish Kumar
Title: Qlik Sense: Advanced Data Visualization for Your Organization : Create smart data visualizations and predictive analytics solutions, Author: Dr. Christopher Ilacqua
Title: Java 9: Building Robust Modular Applications, Author: Dr. Edward Lavieri
Title: End to End GUI development with Qt5: Develop cross-platform applications with modern UIs using the powerful Qt framework, Author: Nicholas Sherriff
Title: Learn Python Programming - Second Edition: The no-nonsense, beginner's guide to programming, data science, and web development with Python 3.7, Author: Fabrizio Romano
Title: scikit-learn: Machine Learning Simplified, Author: Raúl Garreta
Title: Open Text Metastorm Provision (R) 6.2 Strategy Implementation, Author: Bill Aronson
Title: Kubernetes and Docker - An Enterprise Guide: Effectively containerize applications, integrate enterprise systems, and scale applications in your enterprise, Author: Scott Surovich
Title: Python Real World Machine Learning: Real World Machine Learning: Take your Python Machine learning skills to the next level, Author: Prateek Joshi
Title: Python: Deeper Insights into Machine Learning: Leverage benefits of machine learning techniques using Python, Author: Sebastian Raschka
Title: DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift: Deliver continuous business value through people, processes, and technology, Author: Tim Beattie
Title: OpenStack: Building a Cloud Environment, Author: Alok Shrivastwa

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