Title: The Regularization Cookbook: Learn practical recipes to improve the robustness of your ML models, Author: Vincent Vandenbussche Pre-Order Now
Title: Mastering Blazor WebAssembly: Step by Step guide to developing an advanced Single Page Application with Blazor WebAssembly, Author: Ahmad Mozaffar Pre-Order Now
Title: Dancing with Qubits - Second Edition: Find out how quantum computing works and how you can use it to change the world, Author: Robert S. Sutor Pre-Order Now
Title: CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam Guide: Get expert guidance alongside all the knowledge you need to pass the CCSP exam, Author: Omar Turner Pre-Order Now
Title: Building GraphQL Backend with Hasura: Learn to build a secure back-end as a service API with Hasura GraphQL engine, Author: Kaspar L. Palgi Pre-Order Now
Title: An iOS Developer's Guide to SwiftUI: Design and build beautiful apps quickly and easily with minimum code and harness the power of SwiftUI, Author: Michele Fadda Pre-Order Now
Title: Enhancing Virtual Reality Experiences with Unity 2022: Using Unity's latest features to level up your skills for VR games, apps, and other projects, Author: Steven Christian Pre-Order Now
Title: A Unity Developer's Guide to Learning C# Scripting: Break the barrier to C# scripting with Unity 2022 and develop a fully functional game from scratch, Author: Ramon Felipe da Cruz Pre-Order Now
Title: Power Platform Administration Guide: An expert's advice on deploying, managing, and maintaining enterprise-grade cloud applications at any scale, Author: Ilya Fainberg Pre-Order Now
Title: Python Deep Learning - Third Edition: Exploring deep learning techniques and neural network architectures with PyTorch, Author: Ivan Vasilev Pre-Order Now
Title: Drupal 10 Masterclass: Build responsive Drupal applications to deliver custom and extensible digital experiences to users, Author: Adam Bergstein Pre-Order Now
Title: Quantum Computing Algorithms: How a little Math goes a long way, Author: Barry Burd Pre-Order Now
Title: Immersive Metaverse Playbook for Business Leaders: A decision-making guide implementing the Metaverse to get market-leading products and services, Author: Irena Cronin Pre-Order Now
Title: Make Your Own Music with GarageBand: Record music and edit podcasts like a professional on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, Author: Stephen Haunts Pre-Order Now
Title: Path to the Uncanny Valley: The ultimate guide to realistic portrait character creation in Blender, Author: Isaac Daniel Pre-Order Now
Title: Performance Engineering for Developers: A practical guide to effective performance engineering principles and concepts, Author: Joana Carvalho Pre-Order Now
Title: Full Stack Web Development with Remix: Build production-ready React web applications with server-side rendering capabilities, Author: Andre Landgraf Pre-Order Now
Title: .NET MAUI Projects - Third Edition: Build multi-platform desktop and mobile apps from scratch using C# and Visual Studio 2022, Author: Michael Cummings Pre-Order Now
Title: Adobe After Effects - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Learn the ins and outs of motion graphics, post-production, rotoscoping, and VFX, Author: Vishu Aggarwal Pre-Order Now
Title: Cracking the Product Marketing Code: Unlocking product marketers' potential to craft outstanding GTM strategies and win the market, Author: Iman Bayatra Pre-Order Now

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