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Title: Mastering QuickBooks® 2022 - Third Edition: The bestselling guide to bookkeeping and the QuickBooks Online accounting software, Author: Crystalynn Shelton
Title: Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2021: Kickstart your C# programming and Unity journey by building 3D games from scratch, Author: Harrison Ferrone
Title: Workflow Automation with Microsoft Power Automate - Second Edition: Use business process automation to achieve digital transformation with minimal code, Author: Aaron Guilmette
Title: Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 - Fourth Edition: Boost your image-editing skills using the latest Adobe Photoshop Elements tools and techniques, Author: Robin Nichols
Title: Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine 5: Unleash the true power of Blueprints to create impressive games and applications in UE5, Author: Marcos Romero
Title: Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow - Second Edition: The definitive NLP book to implement the most sought-after machine learning models and tasks, Author: Thushan Ganegedara
Title: Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide - Second Edition: Bring your data to life through data modeling, visualization, digital storytelling, and more, Author: Devin Knight
Title: The Music Producer's Ultimate Guide to FL Studio 20: Create production-quality music with FL Studio, Author: Joshua Au-Yeung
Title: C# 10 and .NET 6 - Modern Cross-Platform Development: Build apps, websites, and services with ASP.NET Core 6, Blazor, and EF Core 6 using Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio Code, Author: Mark J. Price
Title: Jira Quick Start Guide, Author: Ravi Sagar
Title: MySQL 8 Administrator's Guide, Author: Chintan Mehta
Title: Automating Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Reap all the benefits of the SFMC platform and increase your productivity with the help of real-world examples, Author: Greg Gifford
Title: C++ High Performance, Second Edition: Master the art of optimizing the functioning of your C++ code, Author: Björn Andrist
Title: Mastering Linux Shell Scripting - Second Edition: A practical guide to Linux command-line, Bash scripting, and Shell programming, Author: Mokhtar Ebrahim
Title: Learn PostgreSQL, Author: Luca Ferrari
Title: Limitless Analytics with Azure Synapse: An end-to-end analytics service for data processing, management, and ingestion for BI and ML requirements, Author: Prashant Kumar Mishra
Title: Mastering Palo Alto Networks - Second Edition: Build, configure, and deploy network solutions for your infrastructure using features of PAN-OS, Author: Tom Piens aka 'reaper
Title: The Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Guide: Successfully practice Scrum with real-world projects and achieve your PSM I certification with confidence, Author: Fred Heath
Title: Beginning C++ Game Programming, Author: John Horton
Title: Solidity Programming Essentials: A beginner's guide to build smart contracts for Ethereum and blockchain, Author: Ritesh Modi

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