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Title: The Viking Way: Magic and Mind in Late Iron Age Scandinavia, Author: Neil Price
Title: Caddo Landscapes in the East Texas Forests, Author: Tim Perttula
Title: Puspika: Tracing Ancient India Through Texts and Traditions: Contributions to Current Research in Indology Volume I, Author: Nina Mirnig
Title: Mesolithic Settlement in the North Sea Basin: A Case Study from Howick, North-East England, Author: Clive Waddington
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Title: Reinventing Sustainability: How Archaeology can Save the Planet, Author: Erika Guttmann-Bond
Title: Dictionary of Classical Mythology, Author: Jennifer R. March
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Title: House of the Surgeon, Pompeii: Excavations in the Casa del Chirurgo (VI 1, 9-10.23), Author: Michael Anderson
Title: Everyday Life in Viking-Age Towns: Social Approaches to Towns in England and Ireland, c. 800-1100, Author: Letty ten Harkel
Title: Tracing the Indo-Europeans: New evidence from archaeology and historical linguistics, Author: Birgit Anette Olsen
Title: Hagia Sophia in Context: An Archaeological Re-examination of the Cathedral of Byzantine Constantinople, Author: Ken Dark
Title: Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age, Author: Daniel J. Pullen
Title: Collapse and Transformation: The Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age in the Aegean, Author: Guy D. Middleton
Title: Image and Power in the Archaeology of Early Medieval Britain: Essays in honour of Rosemary Cramp, Author: Helena Hamerow
Title: The Ancient Red Sea Port of Adulis, Eritrea Report of the Etritro-British Expedition, 2004-5, Author: D. P. S. Peacock
Title: Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461, second edition / Edition 2, Author: Veronica Fiorato
Title: The Romano-British Peasant: Towards a Study of People, Landscapes and Work during the Roman Occupation of Britain, Author: Mike McCarthy
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Title: The Avebury landscape: Aspects of the field archaeology of the Marlborough Downs, Author: Graham Brown
Title: North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles X, Author: Eva B. Andersson Strand
Title: Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain, Author: Roger  Bland
Title: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 15, Author: Sally Crawford
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