Title: A Little Noble, Author: Janet R. Macreery
Title: The Medallion of Tiben, Author: Judy Levering-Duff
Title: MARI'S HOPE, Author: Sandy Brehl
Title: BJORN'S GIFT: Sequel to ODIN'S PROMISE, Author: Sandy Brehl
Title: ODIN'S PROMISE: A Novel of Norway, Author: Sandy Brehl
Title: Listen Up!, Author: Natalie Garibian Peters
Title: Affinity, Author: Christian Bewell
Title: So Broke I Needed A Free Plan Out of Debt: From Poverty to Victory, Author: Jacqueline Hines Wall
Title: Go and Come Again: Segregation, Tolerance, and Reflection: A Four-Generation African-American Educational Struggle, Author: Jerry L. Jones Ed.D.
Title: SECRET PRINCE OF MANHATTAN: The Journey Begins - Book I, Author: Dottie Minton
Title: To Be the First One, Author: Adriana Layne
Title: Ooooooooo, You Said a Bad Wooord!: How a Group of Young People Outgrew 'Adult' Language, Author: Rodney Adams
Title: Joachim: The Heretic, Author: M L Stainer