Title: Isak and the Oranges: The Half-Orphans of HOA (Hebrew Orphan Asylum, NY), Author: Nancy Price Freedman
Title: Smitty's Cave Adventures, Author: Barbara Marro
Title: A Little Noble, Author: Janet R. Macreery
Title: Mermaid Eclipse, Author: N. E. Carlisle
Title: A Little Wicked, Author: Janet R. Macreery
Title: The Mermaid of LaJolla, Author: John Revere
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Title: Grinza's Orchard, Author: Leonard I. Eckhaus
Title: The Legend of the Icelandic Yule Lads, Author: Heidi Herman
Title: Skipper: Friend or Foe?, Author: Kellie Sanchez
Title: The Adventures of Patty-Cat, Kittle, and the Prince of Peace, Author: Barbara A Cefalu
Title: Moose, Baseball And A Friend Named Dutch, Author: Janet Wykes Moore
Title: Jason's Annoying January: Book 1, Author: William Farrell
Title: Hope: Gwenevere's Story, Author: Grace Elizabeth Putnam
Title: The Secret of the Bramble Bush House, Author: Mary Manisero
Title: Democrats Are Dumb: A Children's Guide, Author: Mark W. Stephens
Title: Anchored in Love, Author: Joan Cogan
Title: Carley McFarley & Sydney McFinley (The Mystery of the Glowing Swamp), Author: Belinda Ellenberger
Title: The Dog Rescuers Book II: Purrfectly Unleashed, Author: Joni Wilson
Title: The Adventures of Patty-Cat, Kittle, Their Friends and the Portal to Everywhere, Author: Barbara A Cefalu
Title: Oh No..... PCS'ing, Author: Toni Lewis

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