Title: The Velvet Ear Gang, Author: Leslie Sherlock
Title: The Lion that Roared, Author: Julie Cebollero
Title: Funny Pennies, Author: Keith Malinsky
Title: Coach Can Fitness Fun!, Author: Mike Alexander
Title: The Wacky World of Wendy White!: A Whopper of a Tale, Author: Barbara Ann Bonilla
Title: Abe's Lucky Day, Author: Jill Warren
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Title: The Biggest Halo, Author: Jack E. Jon
Title: Woolly Bargains: A Scary Story For Young People, Author: Michael Anderson
Title: The Adventures of Patty-Cat, Kittle, and Their Friends Versus the Manxy-Dream Pirates, Author: Barbara Cefalu
Title: Bubby's Fish Tale, Author: Opal Allen
Title: My Name is Sean and I Have Something to Share, Author: Sandra Assimotos McElwee
Title: Tincup and the Tornado, Author: Leah Scott
Title: The Town of Alpaca, Author: Patricia Ann Schoch
Title: The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea Vol. II: Nothing But the Tooth, Author: S.D. Moore
Title: The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea Vol. III: In the Pink, Author: S.D. Moore
Title: The Great Bottle Of Milk Saves Babies From Hunger All Over The World, Author: Terrell Parham
Title: Violet's Shoes, Author: Marisela Rodriguez
Title: The Autobiography of Sam, The Turtle And Other Stories, Author: Barbara A. Cefalu
Title: Trimp II Mystic Island, Author: Diana M. Hardy Cummings
Title: Bowfin, Author: Lee Hill

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