Title: The Velvet Ear Gang, Author: Leslie Sherlock
Title: Four by One, Author: Dave Liberati
Title: How Did the Owl Get to Be Wise, Author: Anne MacMillan Eichman
Title: Lenny the Lizard, Author: Opal Allen
Title: The Wacky World of Wendy White!: A Whopper of a Tale, Author: Barbara Ann Bonilla
Title: My Mind is a Garden, Author: Peggy Callender Clyne
Black Friday!
The Next Chapter: Prepare Your Shelf
Title: The Deep Green Forest, Author: Doris F. Holman
Title: Wind Kissed, Author: Dr. Lynn Ann Migdal
Title: The Dog Rescuers, Author: Joni Wilson
Title: Violet's Shoes, Author: Marisela Rodriguez
Title: The Grey Witch, Author: Susan Whiting
Title: Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan: Harold and Megan, Author: Micheal Andrisano
Title: Save The Golden Tree, Author: Barbara Bryan
Title: Funny Pennies, Author: Keith Malinsky
Title: True Friends, Author: Jeshua Trahan
Title: A Star-Spangled Story, Author: Thaddeus A. Corey
Title: From Scratch: Three Short Stories for Children, Author: Barbara Bryan
Title: The Day the World Turned White: A Young Boy with an Unknown Disease Discovers the Importance of What Really Makes Him Different, Author: Guy Buckles
Title: J T Seavey, Author: Peter Crowley
Title: The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea Vol. II: Nothing But the Tooth, Author: S.D. Moore

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