Title: Smitty's Cave Adventures, Author: Barbara Marro
Title: Don't Blame Hazel!, Author: R. G. Frazia
Title: The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest: The Banana Tree, Author: Maggie van Galen
Title: What Day Is It? Everyday Seems The Same, Author: Nancy Panasci
Title: If I Only Had A Thumb, Author: Ari Carol
Title: Tommy's Needham Rocket, Author: Shelly W Santaniello
Title: Sadie the Sled Dog?, Author: Connie Sather
Title: The Enchanted Rope, Author: David D. Bernstein
Title: Bedtime for Abbie, Author: Erin Koksal
Title: The Land of the Three Elves: Volume One - Beginnings, Author: Grandpa Gray
Title: Sebastian's Journey, Author: Lillian M. Reinys
Title: Santa Claws, Author: Mark Kramer
Title: From Scratch: Three Short Stories for Children, Author: Barbara Bryan
Title: The Mudhogs, Author: Dalton James
Title: My Brother is Artistic:
Title: I Would Have Gone To Woodstock, Author: Bill Richardson
Title: Billy Bear Cub: The Well Mannered Cub, Author: Chad Leisse
Title: Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear, Author: Jay Miller
Title: My Name Is Nate: What Pet Will I Get?, Author: Renee Lynn
Title: Annemarie Learns to Whistle, Author: Pat Goehe