Title: BRAVE SON, Author: Elaine Wick
Title: The Shadow Angel: Genesis, Author: Robert Canter
Title: The Reaper's Wife, Author: K. McNee & Co.
Title: Mission Proxima b, Author: Scion Fra
Title: The Other Side of the Law, Author: Katelynn Renteria
Title: My Month in Hell: Combat In Sarajevo, Author: James (Dan) Wright
Title: Underlord of the Netherworld, Author: Juna Jinsei
Title: Smarter Than You Think: Accessing Your Personal Powers to Triumph in College, Author: Suzanne Liff
Title: Mission Proxima b: Interstellar Voyage, Author: Scion Fra
Title: Sergeant Uri, Author: Alana Baxter
Title: FDR And The Dime:The Defeat Of Polio, Author: Jo D. Tanenbaum
Title: Chakra: Activated, Author: G. Mundra
Title: Happy Graduation: Take God With You, Author: Mitzi Odom Young
Title: Jack's Back, Author: John E. Tyo
Title: The Seasons of Treaty Oak, Author: Jane Scoggins Bauld
Title: Courageous Footsteps: A WWII Novel, Author: Diane Dettmann
Title: Letters From the Angel Across the Room, Author: D Curtis
Title: Fitting In And Forgiven, Author: Mary Ann Young
Title: The Journey to Mei, Author: Freddie Remza
Title: The Nine Elements, Author: E. R. Root

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