Title: Where Will My Shoes Take Me?, Author: Deb Manikas
Title: The Dinosaur Who Could Not Roar: The tale of a speech delayed t-rex, Author: Stephanie Kneisler
Title: Baby Polar Bear and The Mean Germ, Author: John Newman
Title: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Author: Jane Teixeira England
Title: Emma's American Chinese New Year, Author: Amy Meadows
Title: Smitty's Cave Adventures, Author: Barbara Marro
Title: A Special Gift, Author: Bob Benson
Title: The Power of the Elems: The Mysterious Saboteur, Author: Nina Randall
Title: The Russian Cow and the Colorful Birds, Author: Lahra Nelson
Title: Rock-A-Bye Child, Author: S. H. Erickson
Title: ZIGGY: The Pig Who Loved Sushi, Author: Rebecca Mountain-Pazell
Title: Gale's Gold Ring: The Legend of Lincoln's Lost Gold, Author: Kenneth Ashton
Title: Welcome To My Office, Author: Cheri Rose Shamaly
Title: Fly, Eaglet, Fly!, Author: Holly Puett
Title: Imaginary Tea, Author: G. E. Martin
Title: A Bird in a Bathing Suit, Author: Dawn Mitchell
Title: A Mystery at Pinecroft Estate: The Legend of Spider Gate Cemetery, Author: Kenneth Ashton
Title: A Ship Named Jenny, Author: Kenneth Ashton
Title: Holidays In Heaven: Helping Young Grieving Hearts, Author: Marcia W Spilman
Title: Surviving 5th Grade, Author: Charline Norton

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