Title: Spiritual Diagnosis: Understanding the Mystery Behind Your Misery - Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Book, Author: Kwaku Boachie (Brother Kay)
Title: Part-Time Cowboys, Full-Time Laughs: True tales of humorous cowboy wrecks while working cattle in Colorado, Author: Douglas Foster
Title: Why Should I Honor My Man or Woman of God?, Author: Apostle Charlie Redish
Title: A Man Called Jesus Christ, Author: Edna Ontiveros
Title: It's a New Day, Author: Edna Ontiveros
Title: Hell's Heroine: More Affectionately Known as the Brooklyn Bitch, Author: Cindy Burton
Title: Death of an Alchemist, Author: Dennis Sprague
Title: Why You Could Be Destined To Fail In Trading and How You Can Avoid It! The Path of a Champion, Author: Reynaldo Soriano Jr
Title: Dance Because You Can, Author: Amy Jordan
Title: Out of Many One: The Proclamation and Abstract Value of Merit A Presidential Creation True Story, Backed by Documentary Evidence, Author: Dufort Baptichon
Title: Robbed......At Churchpointe, Author: Betty A. Burton
Title: Naomi's Way, Author: Gary Riley
Title: Shaken, Not Stirred, a survivor's account of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Author: Jeanne Pocius
Title: Coming Out of Your Dark Place From A - Z, Author: Jacquitta Toney
Title: A Patient's Guide to Liposuction: How to Make an Informed Decision, Author: Jeffry B. Schafer
Title: From The Other Side, Author: James Harrell
Title: First Impressions, Author: Terry Beckstrom
Title: Stop This Man He's Thinking The Snag Factory Diaries: Down the Rabbit Hole, Author: Jeffrey Grauer
Title: Angel & Adam, Author: David G. Bickler
Title: Power And Tender, Author: Margret Russell

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