Title: Twice Bought, Author: R.M Ballantyne
Title: The Gorilla Hunters, Author: R.M Ballantyne
Title: Dave Darrin on Mediterranean Service, Author: H. Irving Hancock
Title: Elsie At the World's Fair, Author: Martha Finley
Title: The Water-Babies, Author: Charles Kingsley
Title: The Grammar School Boys in Summer Athletics, Author: H. Irving Hancock
Title: Frank Merriwell's Chums, Author: Burt L. Standish
Title: Elsie's New Relations, Author: Martha Finley
Title: Rollo in Geneva, Author: Jacob Abbott
Title: The Young Engineers in Mexico, Author: H. Irving Hancock
Title: The Boys' Book of Famous Rulers, Author: Lydia Hoyt Farmer
Title: The Guns of Shiloh, Author: Joseph A. Altsheler
Title: Little Miss Peggy, Author: Mrs Molesworth
Title: Brave and Bold, Author: Horatio Alger
Title: Rollo at Work, Author: Jacob Abbott
Title: Struggling Upward, Author: Horatio Alger
Title: Frank´s Campaign, Author: Horatio Alger
Title: Elsie At Home, Author: Martha Finley
Title: Girls New and Old, Author: L. T. Meade
Title: Rollo on the Rhine, Author: Jacob Abbott

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