Title: The Story of the Alphabet, Author: Edward Clodd
Title: The Golden Scarecrow, Author: Horace Walpole
Title: The Concept of Nature, Author: Alfred North Whitehead
Title: The Introduction To Hegel's Philosophy of Fine Art, Author: Bernard Bosanquet
Title: Mopsa the Fairy, Author: Jean Ingelow
Title: Simon Dale, Author: Anthony Hope
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Title: Essays in Radical Empiricism, Author: William James
Title: Captured by the Navajos, Author: Charles A. Curtis
Title: Visits to Monasteries in the Levant, Author: Robert Curzon
Title: The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, Author: Morris Jastrow
Title: English Costume, Author: Dion Clayton Calthrop
Title: Pearl of Pearl Island, Author: John Oxenham
Title: Are we ruined by the Germans?, Author: Harold Cox
Title: My Lady of the Chimney Corner, Author: Alexander Irvine
Title: John March, Southerner, Author: George W. Cable
Title: The Lighthouse, Author: R.M Ballantyne
Title: Lady Mary and Her Nurse, Author: Mrs. Traill
Title: Rationalism, Author: J.M. Robertson
Title: Obiter Dicta, Author: Augustine Birrell
Title: Modern Painters, Author: John Ruskin

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