Title: A Traveller in War-Time, Author: Winston Churchill
Title: The Rough Riders, Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Title: The War of the Worlds, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: Through the Brazilian Wilderness, Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Title: The Devil in Britain and America, Author: John Ashton
Title: Discourses In America, Author: Matthew Arnold
Title: Democracy in America, Author: Alexis de Tocqueville
Title: Up from Slavery: An Autobiography, Author: Booker T. Washington
Title: A Century of Dishonor, Author: Helen Hunt Jackson
Title: The Unexpurgated Case against Woman Suffrage, Author: Almroth E. Wright
Title: The Life of Jefferson Davis, Author: Frank H. Alfriend
Title: Reconstruction and the Constitution, Author: John W. Burgess
Title: History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Author: Thomas Carlyle
Title: The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, Author: David Ricardo
Title: Ten Tudor Statesmen, Author: Arthur D. Innes
Title: The New Freedom, Author: Woodrow Wilson
Title: Physics and Politics, Author: Walter Bagehot
Title: Memoirs Of Napoleon Bonaparte, Author: Louis Antoine Fauvelet De Bourrienne
Title: Prison Memoirs of An Anarchist, Author: Alexander Berkman
Title: Harriet Martineau, Author: F. Fenwick Miller

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