Title: Writing in a Nutshell: The Complete Series Collection, Author: Jessica Bell
Title: London's Blue Plaques in a Nutshell: Blue Plaque Story & Theatrical Plaques, Author: Bill McCann
Title: The Six Senses in a Nutshell: Demonstrated Transitions from Bleak to Bold Narrative, Author: Jessica Bell
Title: The Emperors of China in a Nutshell Volume 1: From the Yellow Emperor to the Xia Dynasty, Author: Bill McCann
Title: Classical Philosophy in a Nutshell, Author: Michael Moore
Title: Pádraig Pearse and the Easter Rising 1916, Author: Rod Smith
Title: Writing in a Nutshell: Writing Workshops to Improve Your Craft, Author: Jessica Bell
Title: Show & Tell in a Nutshell: Demonstrated Transitions from Telling to Showing, Author: Jessica Bell
Title: Race in a Nutshell: The Black Box, Author: C Laney
Title: Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child: Seeing an Overwhelming World through Their Eyes, Author: James Williams
Title: Yoga, Author: Obaidur Rahaman
Title: Quantum Gravity in a Nutshell 1, Author: balungi francis
Title: Adverbs & Clichés in a Nutshell: Demonstrated Subversions of Adverbs & Clichés into Gourmet Imagery, Author: Jessica Bell
Title: The Catholic Popes in a Nutshell: Volume 1: The Age of Persecutions, Author: Bill McCann
Title: European Competition Law in a Nutshell: A Concise Guide, Author: Sandra Dennis
Title: The Power of Ownership: It is simply a matter of choice.: A tale about the importance of taking control in business and in life., Author: Michael D. Khouri
Title: The Nutshell Guide to Fluent English: Volume 1: ESL Pre-Intermediate, Author: Li Zi Chuang
Title: Supporting the Highly Sensitive Child: Making Sense of Meltdowns, Author: Lucy Skye
Title: Countess Markievicz: An Adventurous Life, Author: Ann Carroll
Title: In a Nutshell Part 2: Opinions & Articles During South Sudanese Civil War, Author: Sandro Chuar Juet

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