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Title: Search Interface Design and Evaluation, Author: Chang Liu
Title: Line-item Analysis of Earnings Quality, Author: Nahum D. Melumad
Title: Case Studies of Successful Technology Transfer from Federal Laboratories, Author: Gretchen B. Jordan
Title: Trust and Reciprocity, Author: Gary Charness
Title: Nonlinear Model Reduction by Moment Matching, Author: Giordano Scarciotti
Title: Using Inertial Sensors for Position and Orientation Estimation, Author: Manon Kok
Title: HCI's Making Agendas, Author: Jeffrey Bardzell
Title: Social Capital And Entrepreneurship, Author: Philip H Kim
Title: Chordal Graphs and Semidefinite Optimization, Author: Lieven Vandenberghe
Title: Data-Driven Multi-Microphone Speaker Localization on Manifolds, Author: Bracha Laufer-Goldshtein
Title: Caching and Materialization for Web Databases, Author: Alexandros Labrinidis
Title: Structured Conflict Approaches used in Strategic Decision Making: from Mason's Initial Study to Virtual Teams, Author: Jerry Fjermestad
Title: Games And Dynamic Games, Author: Alain Haurie
Title: A Review of Ethical Issue Considerations in the Information Systems Research Literature, Author: David Paradice
Title: Toeplitz And Circulant Matrices, Author: Robert M Gray
Title: Human-Robot Interaction: A Survey, Author: Michael A. Goodrich
Title: A Survey of Augmented Reality, Author: Mark Billinghurst
Title: A Decade of Lattice Cryptography, Author: Chris Peikert
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Title: Kernel Mean Embedding of Distributions: A Review and Beyond, Author: Krikamol Muandet
Title: Capturing Knowledge: Private Gains and Public Gains from University Research Partnerships, Author: Albert N. Link

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