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Title: Foundations of Stated Preference Elicitation: Consumer Behavior and Choice-based Conjoint Analysis, Author: Moshe Ben-Akiva
Title: Bandit Algorithms in Information Retrieval, Author: Dorota Glowacka
Title: Management Accounting Information Properties and Operations Management, Author: Bart Dierynck
Title: Consumers' Purchase Intentions and Their Behavior, Author: Vicki Morwitz
Title: Game Theory: Models, Numerical Methods and Applications, Author: Dario Bauso
Title: A Survey of Relaxations and Approximations of the Power Flow Equations, Author: Daniel K. Molzahn
Title: Information Retrieval: The Early Years, Author: Donna Harman
Title: An Introduction to Neural Information Retrieval, Author: Bhaskar Mitra
Title: Neural Approaches to Conversational AI: Question Answering, Task-oriented Dialogues and Social Chatbots, Author: Jianfeng Gao
Title: Bayesian Reinforcement Learning: A Survey, Author: Mohammad Ghavamzadeh
Title: Distributed Optimization And Statistical Learning Via The Alternating Direction Method Of Multipliers, Author: Stephen Boyd
Title: Behavioral Economics of Multiperiod Insurance Purchasing Behavior: The Role of Emotions, Author: Howard Kunreuther
Title: Soft-Material Robotics, Author: Liyu Wang
Title: Alphanomics: The Informational Underpinnings of Market Efficiency, Author: Charles M. C. Lee
Title: The Algorithmic Foundations of Differential Privacy, Author: Cynthia Dwork
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Title: Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems, Author: Michael D. Ekstrand
Title: History Of Marketing Science, The, Author: Russell S Winer
Title: Gossip Algorithms, Author: Devavrat Shah
Title: How Reported Board Independence Overstates Actual Board Independence in Family Firms: A Methodological Concern, Author: Iram Fatima Ansari
Title: Online Evaluation for Information Retrieval, Author: Katja Hofmann

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