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Title: Thomas Jefferson: A Public Life, A Private Life (First Men, America's Presidents Series), Author: David Kiracofe
Title: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Threats: Countermeasure Preparation, Author: Anna J. Clemens
Title: Thousand Years of Russian History, Author: Sonia E. Howe
Title: Behcet's Disease: Progress in Recent Years and Unmet Needs for the Future, Author: M.D. Shunsei Hirohata
Title: From One Century to the Next: A History of Wrentham State School and the Institutional Model in Massachusetts, Author: Ingrid Grenon
Title: Exit Weeping: Understanding Suicide through the Study of Famous Suicides, Author: David Lester (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Title: William H. Taft, Author: Nova Science Publishers
Title: Contention-Based Collision-Resolution Medium Access Control Algorithms, Author: Elli Kartsakli
Title: 3D computed Tomography Virtual Intravascular Endoscopy: Clinical Applications in Cardiovascular Disease, Author: Zhonghua Sun
Title: Focus on Eye Research, Author: O. R. Ioseliani
Title: Heme Oxygenase: The Elegant Orchestration of Its Products in Medicine, Author: Leo E. Otterbein
Title: New Developments in Semiconductor Research, Author: Thomas S. Miller
Title: Glutathione: Biosynthesis, Functions and Biological Implications, Author: Pal Perjesi Ph.D.
Title: Direct Solar Energy, Author: T. Nejat Veziroæglu
Title: Appendicitis: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Clinical Management, Author: Rose Ballard
Title: Thermal Engineering Research Developments, Author: Jovan Evgova
Title: Millennials: Trends, Characteristics and Perspectives, Author: Megan W. Gerhardt
Title: European Economic and Political Issues, Author: Frank H. Columbus
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Title: Psychology of Moods: New Research, Author: Anita V. Clark
Title: Advising the President on Science and Technology, Author: Edgar P. Miller

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