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Title: Reproductive Polymorphism of Leafrollers (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), Author: A. F. Safonkin
Title: Veterans Readjusting to Civilian Life: Overview of Issues, Challenges, and Transition Assistance, Author: Patricia J. Stern
Title: Sexual Discrimination and Harrassment, Author: Rachel C. Feldman
Title: Organized Crime in Europe, Author: Petrus C. Van Duyne
Title: Urticaria: Prevalence, Etiologies and Treatment Option, Author: Australia) Suran Fernando (Royal North Shore Hospital
Title: Service --Oriented Architecture, Author: School of Communication and Computer Sciences S.Anandamurugan and T.Priyaa (Department of Information Technology
Title: Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set), Author: Meghan Pratt
Title: Adoption Records and Postadoption Contact Agreements: State Statutes, Author: Ebony Bartlett
Title: Thomas Jefferson: A Public Life, A Private Life (First Men, America's Presidents Series), Author: David Kiracofe
Title: Alcohol and the Liver, Author: Gerond Lake-Bakaar M.D. Ph.D.
Title: Drainage Basins and Catchment Management:: Classification, Modelling and Environmental Assessment, Author: Evelyn C. Lannon
Title: Literature in English: How Students and Teachers in Singapore Secondary Schools Deal with the Subject, Author: Rozita Dass
Title: Cooperative Arms Control and Nonproliferation: Treaties, Agreements and Control Regimes, Author: Lorraine C. Wells
Title: Social Support and Health: Theory, Research, and Practice with Diverse Populations, Author: Sheying Chen
Title: Policy Options and Long-Term Projections for Social Security, Author: Juanita Harmon
Title: Conducting Research in a Changing and Challenging World, Author: Thao Le
Title: Honey: Geographical Origins, Bioactive Properties and Health Benefits, Author: Ruben Ramirez
Title: Advances in Engineering Research. Volume 8, Author: Victoria M. Petrova
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Title: Broadband Internet: Selected Availability and Cost Issues, Author: Kenneth Palmer
Title: The Nunn-McCurdy Act and Defense Spending Overruns, Author: Nathan T. Maes

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