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Title: Sexual Discrimination and Harrassment, Author: Rachel C. Feldman
Title: Service --Oriented Architecture, Author: School of Communication and Computer Sciences S.Anandamurugan and T.Priyaa (Department of Information Technology
Title: Encyclopedia of Dermatology (6 Volume Set), Author: Meghan Pratt
Title: Thomas Jefferson: A Public Life, A Private Life (First Men, America's Presidents Series), Author: David Kiracofe
Title: Thousand Years of Russian History, Author: Sonia E. Howe
Title: Behcet's Disease: Progress in Recent Years and Unmet Needs for the Future, Author: M.D. Shunsei Hirohata
Title: Alcohol and the Liver, Author: Gerond Lake-Bakaar M.D. Ph.D.
Title: Mexico: Background and Issues, Author: Richard C. Bradley
Title: Resetting the Kitchen Table: Food Security, Culture, Health and Resilience in Coastal Communities, Author: Christopher C. Parrish
Title: Environmental Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries, Author: Danila S. Melekhin
Title: Dicyclohexanocrown Ethers: From Synthesis To Radiochemical Applications, Author: Sergey V. Nesterov
Title: Advances in Engineering Research. Volume 13, Author: Victoria M. Petrova
Title: 20 Years After the Chernobyl Accident: Past, Present and Future, Author: E. Burlakova
Title: China, Aging, and Theory, Author: Jason L. Powell
Title: DDT: Properties, Uses and Toxicity, Author: Kathleen Sanders
Title: Human Security: Social Support for the Health of the Aging Population Based On Geriatric Behavioral Neurology, Author: Kenichi Meguro M.D. Ph.D.
Title: Passport Protection: Regulation and Security Issues, Author: Christopher E. Haffner
Title: The Federal Election Commission: Background, Issues, and Campaign Finance Oversight, Author: Randy Sharpe
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Title: Advanced Computational Methods for Biocomputing and Bioimaging, Author: Tuan D. Pham
Title: Law Enforcement Body Armor: Background and Federal Support For Use, Author: Alicia E. Malloy

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