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Title: Advanced Computational Techniques in Nanoscience, Author: A. K. Haghi
Title: Advances in Medicine and Biology, Author: Leon V. Berhardt
Title: Special Immigration Situations in the United States, Author: Austin Banks
Title: E-Learning : Evolution, Strategies and Technologies, Author: Damon Flores
Title: Medical Data, Information Economy and Federative Networks : The Concepts Underlying the Comprehensive Electronic Clinical Record Framework, Author: Giovanni Rinaldi
Title: Advances in Environmental Research, Author: Justin A. Daniels
Title: Modelling Multidisciplinary Causes of the Greek Crisis : A Conceptual Analysis, Author: Janine Mukuddem-Petersen
Title: Advances in Chemical Modeling, Author: Mihai V. Putz
Title: Science in Medicine : From Authoritative Opinion Through Evidence-Based Medicine to Big Data and Beyond, Author: Dennis J. Mazur
Title: Disciplines of the City : New Forms of Governance in Today's Postmetropolises, Author: Julia Urabayen
Title: Can Biofuels Alleviate the Energy and Environmental Crisis?, Author: Indra Neel Pulidindi
Title: Caregivers : Practices, Challenges and Expectations, Author: Adrienne Lloyd
Title: Manipulation Effects of Managerial Discretion on Executive Compensation : A Comparative Study Between Fresh Ceos and Senior Ceos, Author: Zhang Changzheng
Title: Sexual Assaults of Male Military Personnel, Author: Henrietta Moore
Title: Ependymomas : Prognostic Factors, Treatment Strategies and Clinical Outcomes, Author: Raquel Fowler
Title: Congressional Members : Salary and Service Trends, Author: Clyde Chapman
Title: Crime and Violence Prevention : Moving Beyond Hot-Stove Policing and Perpetrator Rehabilitation, Author: Myra F. Taylor
Title: Social Security Programs in Africa and the Americas, Author: Deborah Warner
Title: Hezbollah and Lebanon, Author: Ileana M. Carusso
Title: Federal Forfeiture Law : Provisions, Issues and Reform Proposals, Author: Jerald Diaz

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