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Title: The UnAmericans, Author: Molly Antopol
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Title: The T-Factor Fat Gram Counter, Author: Jamie Pope
Title: String Theory: The Parents Ashkenazi, Author: Dara Horn
Title: How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street, Author: Michael Lewis
Title: Teaching with the Norton Anthology of English literature: A Guide for Instructors, Author: Alfred E. David
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Title: Tennessee, Author: Wilma Dykeman
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Title: The Winds Will, Author: Gerald Warner Brace
Title: Voyage in the Dark, Author: Jean Rhys
Title: The Roman Way, Author: Edith Hamilton
Title: Seventeenth-Century American Poetry, Author: Harrison T. Meserole
Title: The Wizard of Loneliness, Author: John Treadwell Nichols
Title: In a Time Between Wars, Author: Milton Allen Kaplan
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Title: A Shower of Summer Days, Author: May Sarton
Title: Porsche Sport 72, Author: Ed Reading
Title: Scientist vs. the Humanist, Author: George Levine
Title: Speaking of Chaucer, Author: E. Talbot Donaldson
Title: The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces: Instructor's Guide, Author: Maynard Mack
Title: Concord and Liberty, Author: José Ortega y Gasset
Title: American Appeasement: United States Foreign Policy and Germany, 1933-1938, Author: Arnold A. Offner
Title: Frankish Institutions under Charlemagne, Author: Francois L. Ganshof

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