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Title: Seventeenth-Century American Poetry, Author: Harrison T. Meserole
Title: Economics Problems: Concepts, Essays, Tests, Workbook, Author: Edwin Mansfield
Title: Appeasement: A Study in Political Decline, 1933-34, Author: Alfred L. Rowse
Title: Quiet as a Nun (A Jemima Shore Mystery), Author: Antonia Fraser
Title: Recovery of Confidence, Author: John W. Gardner
Title: Of Music and Musicmaking, Author: Bruno Walter
Title: Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson, Author: Lionel C. Knights
Title: For Gourmets with Ulcers, Author: Toni Marsh Bruyáere
Title: American Puritanism: Faith and Practice, Author: Darrett Bruce Rutman
Title: Authentic Adam Smith: His Life and Ideas, Author: James Buchan
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Title: Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis, Author: Karen Horney
Title: Sphere: The Form of a Motion, Author: A. R. Ammons
Title: Louis XIV in Historical Thought, Author: William Farr Church
Title: A Beginning, Author: William Burford
Title: The Galactic Club: Intelligent Life in Outer Space, Author: Ronald N. Bracewell
Title: Forgotten Kingdom, Author: C. Leonard Woolley
Title: Noch Einmal Spiel and Sprache, Author: Armin Wishard
Title: Contest Over Japan: The Soviet Bid for Power in the Far East, 1945-1952, Author: Herbert Feis
Title: Mission of the Univ, Author: José Ortega y Gasset
Title: Nero: Reality and Legend, Author: Brian H. Warmington

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