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Title: The Dictator Novel: Writers and Politics in the Global South, Author: Magali Armillas-Tiseyra
Title: Schools of Our Own: Chicago's Golden Age of Black Private Education, Author: Worth Kamili Hayes Pre-Order Now
Title: John Vinci: Life and Landmarks, Author: Robert Sharoff
Title: Constraining Chance: Georges Perec and the Oulipo, Author: Alison James
Title: Theater Game File, Author: Viola Spolin
Title: Distance Manipulation: The Russian Modernist Search for a New Drama, Author: Joanna Kot
Title: Traversing the Imaginary: Richard Kearney and the Postmodern Challenge, Author: Peter Gratton
Title: The Janus Face of the German Avant-Garde: From Expressionism Toward Postmodernism, Author: Rainer Rumold
Title: Esther Regina: A Bakhtinian Reading, Author: Andre LaCocque
Title: Voices of the Diaspora: Jewish Women Writing in Contemporary Europe, Author: Thomas Nolden
Title: Essential History: Jacques Derrida and the Development of Deconstruction, Author: Joshua Kates
Title: Senses of Landscape, Author: John Sallis
Title: Author as Hero: Self and Tradition in Bulgakov, Pasternak, and Nabokov, Author: Justin Weir
Title: Violence and Grace: Exceptional Life between Shakespeare and Modernity, Author: Nichole E. Miller
Title: Subject to Delusions: Narcissism, Modernism, Gender, Author: Caroline Rupprecht
Title: Archaeologies of Modernity: Avant-Garde Bildung, Author: Rainer Rumold
Title: Discovering Sexuality in Dostoevsky, Author: Susanne Fusso
Title: Robert Walser: A Companion, Author: Samuel Frederick
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Title: The Director's Prism: E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Russian Theatrical Avant-Garde, Author: Dassia N. Posner
Title: Aspects of Orality and Formularity in Gregorian Chant, Author: Theodore Karp

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