Title: Reflections Daily Devotional Guide (January-April 2021), Author: Joshua Speight
Title: War, Peace, and the Bible, Author: Vaughn CroweTipton
Title: A Christmas Vigil, Author: Judson Edwards
Title: Sing We Now of Christmas, Author: C. Franklin Granger
Title: Formations Study Guide (January-April 2021), Author: Darrell Pursiful
Title: Galatians, Author: Burt Burleson
Title: Life Lessons from Bathsheba, Author: Susan M. Pigott
Title: Songs of the Season, Author: Judson Edwards
Title: Easter People, Author: Abby Thornton Hailey
Title: Connections Teaching Guide (January-April 2021), Author: Eric Thiele
Title: Formations Teaching Guide (JanuaryApril 2021), Author: Mark Wingfield
Title: How Does the Church Decide?, Author: Cecil Sherman
Title: Connections Study Guide (January-April 2021), Author: Michael Ruffin
Title: Jesus' Birth, Author: Michael Usey
Title: Christmas in Mark, Author: James C. Dant
Title: Christians and the Public Square, Author: Brett Younger
Title: Elijah: Trusting God, Author: Linda Moore Lewis
Title: Approaching a Missional Mindset, Author: Bo Prosser
Title: Qualities of Our Missional God, Author: James Dant
Title: Responding to the Resurrection, Author: Michael Mitchell

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