Title: Kaputt, Author: Curzio Malaparte
Title: Hard Rain Falling, Author: Don Carpenter
Title: On the Abolition of All Political Parties, Author: Simone Weil
Title: The Foundation Pit, Author: Andrey Platonov
Title: Everything Flows, Author: Vasily Grossman
Title: The True Deceiver, Author: Tove Jansson
Title: Something for Christmas, Author: Palmer Brown
Title: Beware of Pity, Author: Stefan Zweig
Title: Marshlands, Author: Andre Gide
Title: Good Behaviour, Author: Molly Keane Pre-Order Now
Title: After Lorca, Author: Jack Spicer Pre-Order Now
Title: Motley Stones, Author: Adalbert Stifter Pre-Order Now
Title: Sauntering: Writers Walk Europe, Author: Duncan Minshull Pre-Order Now
Title: Bina: A Novel in Warnings, Author: Anakana Schofield Pre-Order Now
Title: Storm, Author: George R. Stewart Pre-Order Now
Title: Live; live; live, Author: Jonathan Buckley Pre-Order Now
Title: Boston Adventure, Author: Jean Stafford Pre-Order Now
Title: Nightmare Alley, Author: William Lindsay Gresham
Title: A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962, Author: Alistair Horne
Title: Balzac's Lives, Author: Peter Brooks

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