Title: The Recognitions, Author: William Gaddis
Title: The Pushcart War, Author: Jean Merrill
Title: The Dud Avocado, Author: Elaine Dundy
Title: The Thirty Years War, Author: C. V. Wedgwood
Title: The Land Breakers, Author: John Ehle
Title: To Each His Own, Author: Leonardo Sciascia
Title: The Big Clock, Author: Kenneth Fearing
Title: Something for Christmas, Author: Palmer Brown
Title: Nightmare Alley, Author: William Lindsay Gresham
Title: All for Nothing, Author: Walter Kempowski
Title: A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962, Author: Alistair Horne
Title: Writing Politics: An Anthology, Author: David Bromwich
Title: The Way of the World, Author: Nicolas Bouvier
Title: Eve's Hollywood, Author: Eve Babitz
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Title: The Invention of Morel, Author: Adolfo Bioy Casares
Title: The True History of the First Mrs. Meredith and Other Lesser Lives, Author: Diane Johnson
Title: Divorcing, Author: Susan Taubes
Title: The Merchant of Prato: Francesco di Marco Datini, 1335-1410, Author: Iris Origo
Title: Charisma and Disenchantment: The Vocation Lectures, Author: Max Weber
Title: The Rescuers, Author: Margery Sharp

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