Title: The Expendable Man, Author: Dorothy B. Hughes
Title: The Netanyahus: An Account of a Minor and Ultimately Even Negligible Episode in the History of a Very Famous Family (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Author: Joshua Cohen
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Title: The Sound of the One Hand: 281 Zen Koans with Answers, Author: Yoel Hoffman
Title: The Other, Author: Thomas Tryon
Title: Loved and Missed, Author: Susie Boyt
Title: Stoner, Author: John Williams
Title: The Pumpkin Eater, Author: Penelope Mortimer
Title: The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, Author: Brian Moore
Title: The Little Grey Men, Author: B.B.
Title: Troubles, Author: J. G. Farrell
Title: When We Cease to Understand the World, Author: Benjamín Labatut
Title: Angel, Author: Elizabeth Taylor
Title: The Summer Book, Author: Tove Jansson
Title: War in Val d'Orcia: An Italian War Diary, 1943-1944, Author: Iris Origo
Title: Good Behaviour, Author: Molly Keane
Title: Slow Days, Fast Company: The World, the Flesh, and L.A., Author: Eve Babitz
Title: Butcher's Crossing, Author: John Williams
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Title: The Journal of Henry David Thoreau, 1837-1861, Author: Henry David Thoreau
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Title: Life with Picasso, Author: Françoise Gilot
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Title: Hav, Author: Jan Morris

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