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Title: Identity Theft: Finding the Missing Person in You, Author: John Andrews
Title: Staying Pure in a Sex-Charged World, Author: Colin Dye
Title: Times and Seasons: Trusting God in Your Changing World, Author: Trevor Newport
Title: If You Be the Son of God, Come Down from the Cross, Author: Julia Blum
Title: Christian, Set Yourself Free: Proven Guidelines for Self Deliverance from Demonic Oppression, Author: Graham Powell
Title: Life Is an Obstacle Course: Wisdom from the Book of James on Living an Overcoming Life, Author: Andrew Owen
Title: The Vale of Tears: Experiencing Growth Through Loss, Author: Robert Weston
Title: A Radical Encounter with God: Seeing the God That Isaiah Saw, Author: Greg Haslam
Title: Wisdom from Above: God's Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs, Author: Campbell McAlpine
Title: The Happiness Factor: And How to Get It, Author: John Partington
Title: God-Life: Following Jesus and Going Deeper, Author: Ralph Turner
Title: Babylon in Europe: What Bible Prophecy Reveals about the European Union, Author: David Hathaway
Title: Worship and Mission, Author: Dave Bilbrough
Title: If I Knew What Happened Next!, Author: Glyn Barrett
Title: Worship and Grace, Author: Dave Bilbrough
Title: Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism in a Move of the Spirit, Author: John Arnott
Title: The Skye Revivals, Author: Steve Taylor
Title: Cry Freedom: Powerful Restoration Through the Touch of the Holy Spirit, Author: Mary Pytches
Title: When Your Partner Doesn't Know Jesus, Author: Julie Allen
Title: Kingdom Prophetic Lifestyle, Author: Chris Larkin

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