Title: Zama, Author: Antonio Di Benedetto
Title: Young Once, Author: Patrick Modiano
Title: Young Man with a Horn, Author: Dorothy Baker
Title: You'll Enjoy It When You Get There: The Stories of Elizabeth Taylor, Author: Elizabeth Taylor
Title: Wish Her Safe At Home, Author: Stephen Benatar
Title: White Walls: Collected Stories, Author: Tatyana Tolstaya
Title: Wheat That Springeth Green (New York Review of Books Classics Series), Author: J. F. Powers
Title: What's for Dinner?, Author: James Schuyler
Title: We Think the World of You, Author: J. R. Ackerley
Title: We Have Only This Life to Live: The Selected Essays of Jean-Paul Sartre, 1939-1975, Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Title: Warlock, Author: Oakley Hall
Title: War and the Iliad, Author: Simone Weil
Title: Walter Benjamin: The Story of a Friendship (New York Review Books Classics), Author: Gershom Scholem
Title: Walkabout, Author: James Vance Marshall
Title: W. H. Auden's Book of Light Verse, Author: W. H. Auden
Title: Voltaire in Love, Author: Nancy Mitford
Title: Varieties of Exile, Author: Mavis Gallant
Title: The Unforgiving Years, Author: Victor Serge
Title: Tyrant Banderas, Author: Ramon del Valle-Inclan
Title: Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky: A London Trilogy, Author: Patrick Hamilton

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