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Title: Moby Dick (Complete Unabridged Edition), Author: Herman Melville
Title: LITTLE WOMEN (With Original Illustrations), Author: Louisa May Alcott
Title: Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection: 160+ Space Adventures, Lost Worlds, Dystopian Novels & Post-Apocalyptic Tales: The War of the Worlds, Anthem, Space Viking, The Conquest of America, A Traveler in Time, The Guardians., Author: H. G. Wells
Title: A Bullet for Cinderella (Thriller), Author: John D. MacDonald
Title: MURDER MYSTERIES Boxed Set: 880+ True Crime Stories, Action Thrillers, Whodunit Mysteries & Detective Stories: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Thorndyke Cases, Bulldog Drummond, Detective Standish, Martin Hewitt, Max Carrados., Author: Agatha Christie
Title: ULYSSES (The Original 1922 Edition), Author: James Joyce
Title: World's Greatest Classics in One Volume: Les Misérables, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, Ulysses, Huck Finn, Walden, War and Peace, Art of War, Siddhartha, Faust, Don Quixote, Arabian Nights, Bushido., Author: Hermann Hesse
Title: 60 Space Sci-Fi Books: Intergalactic Wars, Alien Attacks & Space Adventures: Space Viking, The War of the Worlds, A Voyage to Arcturus, A Martian Odyssey, Galactic Patrol, Triplanetary, Journey to Venus., Author: H. G. Wells
Title: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, The Tempest, King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Richard III, Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, The Comedy of Errors..., Author: William Shakespeare
Title: British Murder Mystery: Ultimate Collection (Over 350 Detective Novels, Thriller Tales & True Crime Stories): Sherlock Holmes Cases, Father Brown, Hercule Poirot, P. C. Lee Series, Dr. Thorndyke Series, Bulldog Drummond Adventures, Hamilton Cleek Cases, E, Author: Agatha Christie
Title: The Greatest Works of P. G. Wodehouse, Author: P. G. Wodehouse
Title: The Complete Works of George MacDonald (Illustrated Edition): The Princess and the Goblin, Phantastes, At the Back of the North Wind, Lilith, England's Antiphon, David Elginbrod, Malcolm, The Light Princess, The Golden Key and many more, Author: George MacDonald
Title: The Complete Works of Anthony Trollope: Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Articles, Essays, Travel Sketches & Memoirs: The Chronicles of Barsetshire, The Palliser Novels, The Warden, Doctor Thorne, Framley Parsonage, The Small House at Allington, Can You Forg, Author: Anthony Trollope
Title: The Collected Works of Anton Chekhov: Plays, Novellas, Short Stories, Diary & Letters: Three Sisters, Seagull , The Shooting Party, Uncle Vanya, Cherry Orchard, Chameleon, Tripping Tongue, On The Road, Vanka, Ward No. Six, Swedish Match, Nightmare, Bear,, Author: Anton Chekhov
Title: Paratime Police: Complete Sci-Fi Series: Police Operation, He Walked Around the Horses, Last Enemy, Temple Trouble, Genesis, Time Crime, Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen & Down Styphon, Author: H. Beam Piper
Title: Lord of the World (Dystopian Novel), Author: Robert Hugh Benson
Title: THE COMPLETE WORKS OF ALEXANDER HAMILTON: The Federalist Papers, The Continentalist, A Full Vindication, Publius, Letters Of H.G, Military Papers, Private Correspondence, The Pacificus & Biography, Author: Alexander Hamilton
Title: The Greatest Science Fiction Works of Philip K. Dick: Second Variety, The Variable Man, Adjustment Team, The Eyes Have It, The Unreconstructed M, The Turning Wheel, The Last of the Masters & more, Author: Philip K. Dick
Title: The Amazing Sci-Fi Tales of Philip K. Dick - 34 Titles in One Edition, Author: Philip K. Dick

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