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Title: Shaw And His Contemporaries: Theatre Essays, Author: Rob Bryden
Title: The Saviour Shoes and Other Stories, Author: Mosaic Press
Title: In A Springtime Instant: The Selected Poems of Milton Acorn, Author: Milton Acorn
Title: Aboriginal Languages and Education: The Canadian Experience, Author: Marcel Danesi
Title: Islam's Predicament, Author: Salim Mansur
Title: Red Coat Diaries: True Stories from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Author: Aaron Sheedy
Title: Speaking of Monks: Religious Biography in India and China, Author: Phyllis Granoff
Title: The Three Tragic Heroes of the Vilnius Ghetto: Witenberg, Sheinbaum, Gens, Author: N.N.  Shneidman
Title: Blood Lover, Author: Nancy Kilpatrick
Title: The T. E. Lawrence Poems, Author: Gwendolyn MacEwen
Title: Hanging By a Thread: Afghan Women's Rights and Security Threats, Author: Massouda Jalal
Title: Ontario in Transition : Achievements and Challenges, Author: Jean-Louis Roy
Title: Death By Prescription, Author: Terence H. Young
Title: At the Mercy of Strangers: Survival in Nazi-Occupied Poland, Author: Gitel Hopfeld
Title: Tennessee Williams: A Portrait in Laughter and Lamentation, Author: Harry Rasky
Title: The Case for Intercultural Education in a Multicultural World, Author: Jagdish Gundara
Title: Continuums, Author: Robert Carr
Title: Reborn, Author: Nancy Kilpatrick
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Title: The Clever Adulteress & Other Stories: A Treasury of Jain Literature, Author: Phyllis Granoff