Title: Sartre: Origins of a Style, Author: Fredric Jameson
Title: The Sociology of Marx, Author: Henri Lefebvre
Title: The Logic of Images in International Relations / Edition 1, Author: Robert Jervis
Title: Socialist Thought: A Documentary History / Edition 2, Author: Albert Fried
Title: Selected Writings of Walter Pater / Edition 1, Author: Harold Bloom
Title: Beginnings: Intention and Method, Author: Edward Said
Title: Passion and Rebellion: The Expressionist Heritage, Author: Stephen Eric Bronner
Title: Fair Science: Women in the Scientific Community, Author: Jonathan Cole
Title: The Morality of Terrorism: Religious and Secular Justifications / Edition 2, Author: David Rapoport
Title: Culture and Society, 1780-1950 / Edition 2, Author: Raymond Williams
Title: The Camel and the Wheel, Author: Richard Bulliet
Title: Communitas: Means of Livelihood and Ways of Life / Edition 1, Author: Percival Goodman
Title: Dublin's Joyce / Edition 1, Author: Hugh Kenner